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Extended Backer Campaign


If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, you can still support Tower Princess development through paypal! Here you can still have access to some rewards, helping us to reach further stretchgoals!

You can find more info on our Kickstarter page
You can contact us on

Knight Tier

Now you’re ready to storm the castle and rescue princesses (or princes)! You’ll get your digital copy of Tower Princess for PC when it’s done!

Your contritbution will be immortalized in the credits!


  • Access to our backers only discord channel
  • Set of digital wallpapers
  • Get the Backer badge in Discord!
  • Your name in the credits (optional)
  • Copy of the Game


Tester Knight Tier

Get involved in the development of Tower Princess! Arm yourself as a tester with an exclusive skin and help us breaking the game!


  • Previous tier rewards
  • Access to the Beta
  • Elite Backer Guard Armor Skin
  • Appear in the credits as a Beta-Tester Knight!
  • Get the Beta-Tester badge in Discord!


Art Knight Tier

Wanna feel the epicness of Tower Princess even when you’re not playing? Get the soundtrack, artbook, guide plus some additional wallpapers (with a personal dedication just for you!)


  • Previous tier rewards
  • Digital Artbook + Guide
  • Digital OST
  • Dedicated wallpapers


Royalty Rescuer Tier

Get involved even more in the development of Tower Princess! Get acess to exclusive polls, and help us decide what princesses will appear in the dungeon!

Also, help us testing the alpha, which can even include multiplayer testing!


  • Access to the Alpha
  • Vote for the next princesses
  • Elite Backer Guard Weapon Skin
  • Get the Royalty Rescuer badge in Discord!
  • Appear in the credits as a Royalty Rescuer Knight


Named Knight Tier

Be a part of Tower Princess! Some random knights will a name and surname of your election, and will be marked as a backer name!
Also, as a properly knight of Tower Princess, you’ll get the backer skin for every armor and weapon!


  • Previous tier rewards!
  • Name A Knight
  • Elite Backer Guard skin for every armor and weapon


Physical Knight Tier

Whoah, you totally deserve our gratitude! Our princesses and princes are so grateful, that they’ll send you a loveletter attached to the physical edition of the game!


  • Previous tier rewards
  • Physical Edition of the Game
  • Printed concept art
  • Love letter
  • Appear in the credits as a Veteran Knight


Knight’s Portrait Tier

Our artist will made a portrait of you (or anything you want and we’re legally able to do) that will appear recurrently in the Dragon’s Castle! Plus we’ll send it to you (Digital and printed) with all the previous rewards!


  • Previous tier rewards!
  • Your portrait will appear in the dungeon
  • Get your own portrait, printed and digital
  • Physical OST
  • Physical Artbook + Guide
  • Physical Poster
  • Physical Limited Edition of the Game