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TowerPrincess is a a parody of the classical “knight rescues the princess and kills the dragon”
But this time you’ll have to make her love you as you go through the dungeon !
This game is a Rogue Like action platformer .

The goal of TowerPrincess is to explore a randomly generated dungeon, defeat  bosses
in each of their unique environments , rescue  the princess and then defeat the final boss.

All of this things are Random each new game, guaranteed hundreds hours of enterteinment

Coming to Windows PC on Steam , with versions for
PlayStation® 4  and Xbox One .

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Alpha Demo in development



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Tower Princess





Each new game you’ll incarnate a random knight.
He may have different constitutions,
as well as different weapons, wich will determine the gameplay

The Princesses are all different and have their own qualities, that will make them more or less compatible with the knight who rescues them.
Once the princess falls in love with the knight, you’ll unlock her magical gift, a powerful ability unique of each princess !

Guarding each area of the Castle there is a final boss. Those are the most powerful enemies in the dungeon, with special abilities that make them even more difficult to beat. But not everything in their life is smashing or burning meddling knights. Actually they have their own bussiness serving the dragon with some common part time jobs!




You can play Tower Princess with your friends! It’s up to you if to collaborate or to compete.

You’re not alone! Your knight can enter the Castle with a friend! Both players will unlock achievements, earn upgrades, and get unlockables in the same run! The knights will have to work together to clear and explore the dungeon, and finally kill the dragon. But beware, at the same time you’ll also have to compete to be the princess most beloved one!




There is a huge variety of enemies, with very different behaviors! But over all of them are the final bosses of each area, which can be different every gameplay! Every time a knight dies, the others learn from his failure! Each new gameplay, you’ll be able to upgrade your knights, making them stronger!




The dungeon is created from lots of different rooms. They may be oriented to combat, platforms or even puzzles. Every time a knight enters the dungeon, it changes completely, making every gameplay unique! From the beginning, you will have access to two different areas, the Gardens and the Castle. Only once you have defeated the Final Enemy of each area, you can access the third and last, the Dragon’s Lair. But this doesn’t end here! In Tower Princess you can find secrets, unlockables, minigames and more!




We’re AweKteam, a small indie studio from Spain, formed by three membersTower Princess is our first title as studio.
We’ve done everything until now with no budget, but if we want to fully develop this game, we’ll need to officialy make this our full-time job.
Also, we’re working with free software, and if we could pay some licenses, we’ll be able to work faster!That’s why we need your help.
We hope you like this project as much as we do! We’ll be very grateful with your support! 😀

Mario Navarro (Artist) – Dat sweet art!.
Marcos Gutiérrez (Technical Artist) – whutevah.
Óscar Gea (Programmer) – Making the Universe work!.

Special thanks to :

Landon Walter  ->  Music Composer          Román Rodríguez  ->  Sound Designer

Connor Ludovice  -> Voice Actor          Victoria Wong  ->  Voice Actress

Javier Tordera  ->  Props          Adrián Domínguez  ->  Props